A Beginner Guide to Boxing at Home

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boxing at home

Welcome to the best beginner guide to boxing at home. If you are new to boxing and want to learn some basics, this guide is for you. It will cover the basics of what you need to get started.

Lets start!

Benefits Of Boxing

Boxing is a great form of working out, it might be one of the most challenging things you do. It requires a lot of speed, stamina, strength, endurance and also mental strength.

Boxing pushes your mind and body to whole new levels, it makes you want t become a better athelete and makes you want to train harder.

It will for sure humble you and it will make you feel a different type of high that you have never felt before.

Equipment to get Started

The good thing about boxing is, it doesn’t take a lot to get started.

The only equipment you need to get started at home are:

Heavy Bag

Heavy Bags are very important and may be the best pieces of boxing equipment you will need. Remember to research the best heavy bag for your needs and remember not to get a bag that is to heavy for you. A good rule of thumb is get a bag that is half your weight.

Boxing Gloves

If you are going to be punching things, make sure you get some gloves to protect yourself, and others.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are really important to prevent injuries to your wrist and hands. Make sure you seek assistance if you do not know how to wrap your own hands.

Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes are a great way of boosting your cardio. Cardio is very important if you want to start boxing. It wont matter how hard you punch if you are gassed 30 seconds into a fight!

Techniques to Practice

When boxing at home, you will want to focus on a couple of different, strength, speed and endurance.

Strength exercises are fun and can be performed using a heavy bag, check out these punching bag workouts to improve punching power.

Speed workouts are ideal for speed bags, but can also be performed on heavy bags.

Remember while training to never fully exhaust yourself, you might end up injuring yourself. Here are some tips to prevent boxing injuries.